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See what sets FabACab’s products apart from the competition:

True 90° seamless corner revealsTrue 45° welded reinforced corners to eliminate unsightly seam gaps“Gen 3” interlocking panel brackets serves as insurance policy for unknown cab shell constructionAdjustable ceiling brackets to properly level racked cabsPre-installed horizontal panel handrails for quick installation1/4” panel offset for “behind the panel venting” to reduce dust bunny collection at cab baseHand-crafted/welded ceilings to ensure tru 45° corners without gaps1/8” wall thickness on round handrail to eliminate dented handrailPatented handrail technology that insures railing will not come looseCustom templates to reduce installation timePre-installed brackets for quick and easy installationReinforced, welded brackets to strengthen ceiling construction Non-hollow, “Tru Bar” stainless steel rails with standard returned ends1/2” panel construction to reduce cab interior weight

Edge banded panels for a clean, seamless look that reduces moisture intake
Panel identification/labeling to reduce installation timeStep by step written and mobile/digital video installation instructions

Quality Interiors

FabACab’s patented elevator interior systems help us deliver the highest quality product on budget and on schedule.

The interiors of our cabs are built with comfort, durability, and longevity in mind. We use high-quality materials in our interiors and bring our elevated experience to work to ensure the final product is one your customers will love.

FabACab has a deep history of custom metal fabrication. Since most of our Stainless Steel products are made in house, we have been able to develop a series of patented, quick-installing systems that benefit everyone – from making your installation job a breeze right down to the people using your elevators on a daily basis.

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Thoughtful Packaging

We are dedicated to making every part of the process as easy as possible – and that doesn’t stop just because your order has been placed.

Not only is our product designed to save your team time when installing, our packaging is thoughtfully designed to secure quick jobsite unpackaging, staging, and installation.

Each shipment has been carefully structured to get your new elevator cab up and running as quickly as possible. And if you need any additional help, you can always call our 24-hour support line at (800) 800-4960 or watch our installation videos here.

Fully labeled hardware kit with product specific installation toolsHandcrafted plywood crates with reinforced base to reduce shipping damage8’ and 10’ crates availableQuality control documentation to assess product condition upon arrivalProtected revealsRemovable walls with easy to remove screws for quick and minimal disassemblyDetailed shipping notification keeping you informed every step of the wayPanels boxed per cab wall for easy onsite stagingPanel boxes stacked in order to optimize onsite staging

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