In our effort to ensure you get the most elevated experience from our seasoned team, we want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Below are our frequently asked questions – but if yours isn’t covered here, please reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our vertical panels utilize long aluminum monarch clips. There is a set pre-installed on the back of each panel, and a set that will be directly applied to the cab shell with provided self-tapping screws. The clips are lined up on the wall with our easy-to-use template – then the panel is lined up and seated down on the clips on the cab shell.

Our horizontal panels use our proprietary Gen-3 Brackets. The bottom panel is installed on our J-channel to ensure the panel is level. The rest of the panels have the clips pre-installed on the panels, and simply stack on top of each other. (Don’t worry – it’s as easy as stacking Legos!)

Check out our quick installation videos here.

We always suggest keeping your normal install time for your first FabACab install. On average, once a technician has installed one of our interiors, we generally see a half day to a day to install after the demo is complete.

FabACab bases our pricing on square footage, so to get an accurate quote, we need height (to the canopy), width of the cab shell, and depth of the cab shell.

If you’re purely looking for a budget quote, we can provide a budget quote based on the capacity of your elevator, and can requote based on the dimensions as we get closer to the completion of the project.

We also highly recommend sending photos of the existing cab when requesting a quote so we can accommodate any unique features that could potentially affect the cost.

Our lead time for ard designs is eight to ten weeks after signed approvals. We can expedite your project up to six weeks for an additional fee.

We like to use examples when we can, so here’s an example to explain the difference between FabACab and other elevator interior vendors:

Think of preparing a difficult meal on your own vs. ordering from a meal delivery service. You can research the food you need to prepare, make the list of ingredients, spend hours picking up all the individual ingredients for your meal… or you can order from a meal delivery company where you simply click a picture of a meal, and they put exactly what you need in the box and ship it to you directly.

Both are options that you can choose – but you decide which service is worth your time. Do you take the time to figure out what you need, make your list and shop, or do you let someone else – someone with expertise – do all the cooking for you? (Hint: We can do the cooking for you.)

FabACab has access to many material options, but we use Wilsonart and Formica Laminates, a wide variety of metals such as Rigidized and Rimex Metals, and a custom resin material called Lumicor most frequently. The possibilities are endless!
We know what it’s like feeling like someone isn’t answering you, or feeling like you’re being left out of the loop. Our “Communication Guarantee” is a promise that you will hear something from either your sales rep or the FabACab team within 24 hours. Even if we don’t have the full answer ready, we guarantee that you will get a response from us within that 24 hours.

Our pricing is competitive compared to other vendors – generally within +/- 5% – but with one BIG plus: we include all approval and shipping costs in our quotes.

Most of our competitors do not include this in their base quotes and slap it on at the end, adding an unexpected charge when you least expect it. If the dimensions you provide are correct and your customer is good with the design we quote, then that number is your final, out-the-door cost with us.

Also, most of our Stainless Steel products are made in-house, allowing us to offer a higher-quality product for a better price.

There are quite a few things that set us apart from our competition that provides a better ROI for you and your customer.

  • Communication with our customers: We strive to make sure that our customers are in the loop with every aspect of the job even after it’s sold. We have a designated customer experience manager who provides a detailed email with next steps and shipping time-frame for every job. You will also stay informed of any updates pertaining to the project.
  • A personalized touch: We help take the pressure off you and save you time by handling all aspects of the cab design process. This includes site visits to review existing cab conditions and get an idea of what would work for the new interior, as well as providing personalized design sessions with your customers to help them pick a design and color selections. We send you a quote for the details selected and help you get the job sold.
  • Competitive pricing: All our quotes reflect total cost which includes shipping, so you never have to guess at what the final amount will be.
  • Our response time: We know time is money and we always get back to our customers as soon as possible. Few other vendors respond same-day or turn standard quotes around in 24-48 hours – but we do.
  • Accurate lead times: Lead times are a major problem with certain vendors in the industry. You can rest assured that the lead time we tell you is when you’ll get your cab.