Case Study: Concourse Center

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Office buildings are incredibly busy environments – people running from one meeting to the next, spilling coffee on the floor, bumping moving carts into walls, etc. Turns out, the carts at Concourse Center were causing a problem for cabs across the campus, scuffing the bottom panels and creating an unsightly environment.

Through a Client Design Session, FabACab suggested Cypress. This design gives cabs an updated look that will keep patrons happy and provide more durability with textured stainless steel on the bottom panels. The Concourse Center’s new elevators are now built to withstand bumps, scratches, and anything else a modern office building can throw at them.

The customer is incredibly proud of their new updated elevator interior. Not only are their cabs tougher, but they now feature neutral-tone woodgrain laminate and a new, brighter ceiling. See for yourself: